Raosaheb Narayanrao Joshi developed initially small resort for his summer residence when he was manager of PantPratinidhi of Vishalgad. Then it's converted into the present avatar over the years by Dr Ajit and Dr (Mrs) Kanchan Joshi. Dr Ajit is a practicing physician and nephrologist at Kolhapur and is in business of hospital and hospitality.

The Amba resort

"Amba", a scenic mountain pass located 60 kms from Kolhapur, a gateway to Konkan. A village with a pleasant cool climate, and breathtaking natural beauty.

While traveling towards ghat roads from Amba village, one can find an eye-catching and a peaceful place, "The Amba Resort".After climbing the ghats, leaving behind Konkan's humid climate, this is the place to rest awhile, and enjoy a breath of fresh air. "The Amba Resort", situated amidst the lush greenery, is an ideal place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Amba Resort View

This place provides excellent staying facilities, and delicious food. Executive suites; a hall for conferences, parties, and birthdays; a gazebo outside, in a relaxing atmosphere, are the facilities it offers. "The Amba Resort" with its warm hospitality, will turn your holidays into one of the most cherished moments of your life.

All the seasons with their own characteristics, arrive here as if returning to their sweet home. January, February is the cashew season; April, May is the time to savor delicious fruits such as, mangoes, Indian blackberries and blueberries; Kokum and jackfruit are found in abundance during May, June.

Swimming pool

It starts pouring after June. Enjoying the rain that washes away all the weariness and dullness from the mind and body, is an amazing experience in itself. During these days, one can enjoy the lush greenery, and visit Barki falls nearby. Several small and big streams run down the mountains and valleys creating a heavenly music.

In December, the cold weather arrives accompanying the fog. In a chilly weather with thick fog, you will feel like you are riding the cloud; this is simply an amazing experience one should enjoy at least once in a life.Roaming around the Vishalgad forest nearby is an ineffable experience.

Time flies watching bison and other wild animals, birds. Roam around the forest to your heart's content. Enjoy swimming in backwaters of Manoli dam.Come to "The Amba Resort", it is always ready to welcome you with its warm hospitality. You will thank yourself for making such a wise decision.


RCC Rooms with attached Bath.

Cleanliness and Prompt Service.

Enjoy Natural Beauty seated in rooms

T.V.Programmes - 24 hours.

Conference Hall.

Laundry and dry cleaning service.

Major credit cards accepted.

Doctor on call.

Car Rental.

* Due to heavy moisture in environment electrical appliances fail to work suddenly such as Set Top Box,Telephone etc. Please co-operate with staff.